“Written with exceptional readability, Stephen Rubino’s “Act of Faith” provides his unique insights into those impacted by the widespread abuse of children by priests, outrageously aided, abetted and hidden by the Catholic Church. Through a three-generation Italian family, the vibrant, provocative character portrayals in the novel bring to life the perpetrators, the victims, the lawyers and the inner sanctums of prestigious law firms, as well as the Catholic Church hierarchy. The fascinating, diverse personalities and lives bring surprises, tears, laughter and enlightenment to the reader, who will be far better informed, as well as entertained, by this engrossing exposé by the iconic attorney-author. His dedication led the way in helping to bring closure, to the extent possible, to the thousands of victims of sexual abuse by priests and save a myriad of other children from suffering the same fate. It was a privilege and an epiphany for me to read this exceptional work. The twists, turns and depth of the stories and characters make it difficult to put the book down.”

Miles J. Alexander
Senior Partner
Past Chair
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

“Fast paced and elegantly written, Act of Faith offers a deep dive into the truth about the corruption at the highest levels of the Catholic Church. Drawing on his decades of experience, Act of Faith brings to life tragedy, horror, suspense and ultimately, triumphant survival. A work of fiction woven in the harsh reality of fact. A must have volume for any history on the scandal.”

Thomas P. Doyle
Former Priest Secretary to Papal Ambassador Pio Lagi
Vatican whistleblower

“Act of Faith is a legal thriller, adroitly plotted by a practitioner who knows the snakes and daggers that threaten cases seeking true justice. Layered into the suspense, Rubino advances the riveting story of an Italian family awakening to painful secrets that bring them to a profound spiritual reckoning.”

Jason Berry
Author of Lead Us Not into Temptation

“Act of Faith is infused with Stephen Rubino’s legal acumen and his long experience advocating for survivors of clergy sexual abuse. It weaves together legal arguments with all-too-human stories. The book pulled me in and, through Rubino’s imagination, opened up new vantages on a scandal that has gone on for too many decades now. This is, as Thomas Doyle, former priest secretary to the papal nuncio to the U.S. put it, “a must-have volume on any history of the scandal.”

J. Patrick Hornbeck II
Professor, Department of Theology, Fordham University

“Act of Faith captures a new perspective on the heartbreaking account of crime and cover-up in the 1980s Roman Catholic Church in America. Through the compassionately told stories of survivors and the crucible of the courtroom, Rubino brings the reader into the rarely seen lives of those that have lived this nightmare. The stories reveal deeply held secrets and soul-crushing betrayal by top officials time and time again.

A pioneer in the field and an expert story teller, Rubino shares the personal accounts of those who suffered unspeakable violation of their body and soul, as well as the efforts by top officials from bishops to the Vatican to deny them justice. This account of crime and cover up is now a story we sadly hear daily across the world because of the courage of these early survivors. What is now called the Roman Catholic Church ‘Scandal’ began with the bravery of those profiled so compassionately here.

This is a story of horror inflicted, but also one of hope. Change is coming. This work details the courage of survivors, yet is also a credit to the courage of Rubino himself, who stood with survivors when few would listen. Told through the lens of an empathic, tireless advocate, Rubino sheds important new light on a story we’ve sadly heard before. This perspective offers unique and valuable insight and hope. A compassionate champion for the truth, Rubino’s Act of Faith is an important contribution to the movement. A novel that reads like fact because it is based on the experience of a tireless advocate for so many.”

Jeffrey Anderson
Founder of Anderson & Associates, representing
victims of childhood sexual abuse since 1981

“Spellbinding! This captivating novel conveys the epic courage of Catholic sex abuse victims who came forward in the early 90s, when no one wanted to believe them. Never has the story of these early whistleblowers been told with such feeling, and small wonder–Rubino knows this story better than anyone.”

Anne Barrett Doyle

“I binged Act of Faith this weekend, finished it late last night and I loved it. I think what made it especially interesting (aside from the subject matter) was my knowledge of DC. Landmarks like Gusti’s, AV Ristorante and Ben’s Chili Bowl bring back fond memories. I knew a little about the subject matter but I had no idea of the complexity and history of the abuse. You’ve done a valuable service of bringing to light the atrocities committed upon our most vulnerable that the catholic church has ignored. Well done.”

Joseph H.
Washington DC

Written as fiction but with over 35 years of experience defending people abused by Catholic priests, Stephen Rubino presents Act of Faith: America’s longest-running criminal conspiracy perpetrated against children. This story grips you from the start as you meet a good, hard-working Italian family, the Natales. Francis and Elizabeth come from a strong, Catholic family that practices; rituals, religious holidays and attends their school. Things turn ugly as one of the priests takes a special interest in Francis and Elizabeth and grooms them into his playthings while using threats and God’s salvation as a weapon.

Act of Faith by Stephen Rubio is mesmerizing yet terrifying. The author’s novel is so close to home that you feel immobilized to help. Superbly written, with vibrant characters and a message that speaks boldly across the pages, I could not put this book down. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good legal thriller.

 JoJo Maxson